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Our Mission: The Foundation exists to create partnerships and programs to improve students’ achievement, encourage life-long learning, and build opportunities for a bright future for the students of Westminster Public Schools.


It's a New Dawn; It's a New Day: the Movie




News & Notes

Read about the impact the foundation had in 2020-2021 and some 2021 updates

As Westminster Public Schools Foundation seeks new ways to raise more consistent funds to support our students, we are super excited to introduce our new strategic partnership with Magnus Premium Coffee.

Magnus Premium Coffee a Colorado-based company supports non-profits like ours by providing the platform and opportunity for YOU, our loyal supporters, to purchase something you already drink and enjoy every day…coffee! Through Magnus, we can now provide coffee for your home, office, or business.

Support us today by signing-up for our 90-Day Coffee Switch Challenge. 25% of every coffee product you purchase will come directly to Westminster Public School Foundation.

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