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Our Story

In 1988, a group of dedicated business and community leaders created the District 50 Education Foundation (now the Westminster Public Schools Foundation) to enhance education for students and staff of Westminster Public Schools. Outside fundraising was necessary and still is, as education budgets keep getting cut.

Westminster Public Schools is a diverse community with students coming from all walks of life. A significant number of our children come from low-income families, and some are even homeless. Many of our older students work 20 hours a week while still in school. We know their stories and are inspired by their perseverance. The challenges seem almost insurmountable for some of these students, but we know that is not true. The Foundation, with the help of the community, changes lives.

The goals of the Foundation are to:

  • Enhance and enrich educational opportunities
  • Support staff for innovative efforts
  • Mobilize community support and encourage involvement
  • Build community awareness of the Foundation
  • Inspire parents, businesses, and the local community to participate with the school district in enriching education through innovative means. 

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