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Tips from our current WPSF scholars!

on why you should apply...

"What helped me be able to finish this application was the support from KZ to apply and the fact that I knew a scholarship like this could help me immensely while in school. Not only for the money but because of the support and guidance I continue to receive from the foundation." - Rachel

"The scholarship has been the main reason I was able to attend college. It has provided me a support throughout all my difficulties." - Jasmine

On Essay Prompts...

"Write the essays as clearly as possible!" - Austin

"Essay questions should be broken apart. You should first analyze what the question is truly asking to get the best answer. You should also be true to who you are. The application wants to get to know who you are as a student/applicant." - Rachel

"Essay questions often seem overcomplicated when in reality they are simply trying to get a hedge on what kind of person you are. Do not over stress it." - Jasmine

"Start early on your application. You don't necessarily need to have your final draft done right away but I'd recommend looking at the essay questions and writing down ideas. Once this happens, set a time where you can write without trying to make the essay perfect and just write whatever story comes easier to their mind. Then ask a teacher or mentor if they would be willing to help you out and edit your essay. This can not only help strengthen your essay, but also make the application much easier to complete!" - Dayanna

on pacing...

"You should most definitely apply early and get a head start on your college career and planning." - Jasmine

"Submitting your application eases stress on you. You'll be able to get it done and out of the way. Also it might bring some confidence to you -- that you were able to submit it early and that your application is in a good place for more polishing." - Rachel

"Ask for recommendation letters ahead of time, give yourself credit for all your hard work!" - Vanessa

on seeking help...

"Asking for help will make the process a lot easier and it will make you believe in yourself a lot more since you will have a support system." - Dayanna

on interviews and recommendations...

"I think one of the biggest tips when approaching a recommender or even talking to an interviewer is to make yourself standout and prove to them that they should invest in you." - Austin

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