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Alisson Castro Morales

“Hello, since the covid-19 started, everything has been really hard. I lost my job and I have been trying to be on track with my classes. I don’t like online classes, it’s harder for me to learn and understand the info. Since everything is in different/multiple sections of the online platform. I have been worried about how this is going to affect my grades, my income, and my family. I really need a job and I want to have good grades despite of all this chaos, I have been trying my best. My family has been taking all the health recommendations seriously by using mask and sanitizer every time they go to work but it still worries me. The number one thing that worries me is getting sick, since no one in my family, including me have health insurance, it can be very costly. I have faith that everything is going to go away soon and we are going to be safe.”

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