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Luis Alan Martinez

“My life right now has changed in terms of school, due to the closure of schools my classes have shifted to online, which has been tough to adapt to so far. School has shifted to online, and for some of my classes, we are holding virtual meetings at the time we would normally have met. Learning is much tougher, as it depends a lot more on an individual learning style rather than a cooperative one. With little support from teachers in person, it has been difficult to adjust to the new assignments and responsibilities. I'm mostly worried about stuff outside of school like further lockdown and lack of income. My family has been affected because both my mom and dad have lost their night job. As a pre-medical student, it has been interesting to see just how complicated things can get and how quickly things can go very wrong. As a potential future physician, it is inspiring to see all the nurses and doctors working day and night to ensure that this virus is handled in the best way possible.”

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