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Silvia Lopez

“Since the outbreak, there hasn't been much change to my life other than restricting my travels to only going to and from work. I'm working a lot more (40+ hours) due to a shortage of staff. With a management position, there is really no way to get out of working my shifts without really negatively impacting my team. I don't really mind it and I'm getting paid much more than before. If anything happened to my family that affected us financially, this makes me feel financially secure. School is now online. There hasn't been much school work but I feel a lot less stressed overall. I recently took a 3 hour exam which was actually pretty nice to do is, I question how this virus will leave us in the end. Will I end up getting it? Will my family? Who knows? My family is all at home. My father and I are the only two that are required to go to work because we are considered essential. Our jobs cannot be "at home". My only worry is what things will be like in the near future. “

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