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Scholarship Application Resources

The following items are things you'll need for the WPSF application. Click on each material and take a look!

  • You'll need to write essays for your college scholarships, applications, and the WPSF application. The WPSF application will ask you to submit a personal statement (300-650 words) and 3 - 4 supplemental essays (100-200 words).

  • You will need to submit a resume.

  • If you are eligible, you'll be required to submit your FAFSA or CASFA during the WPSF scholarship application process. Not sure which application to fill out? Check out the graph!

  • A letter of recommendation will be required for your application. It will be submitted to the WPSF scholarship team directly from this person via a link provided in the scholarship application. Please give them a heads-up to expect this from you.

  • The very first step in order to qualify for WPSF scholarships is to apply to colleges! Not sure where to start? Look at the resources!

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