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Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

Asking for a letter of recommendation can be tricky sometimes. Ask yourself the questions below to help determine who you should ask to write you a letter. 

  • Can this person talk about my potential for college/scholarship?
  • Have I known this person long enough?
  • Can they write me a detailed letter? 

Once you've asked yourself these questions and determined who you will ask for a letter. Ask them in person if possible, if not send them an email! Remember the following. 

  • Be personal about the ask 

    • Why do you want them to write this letter? Why is it significant to you? 

  • If they say yes send them the following: 

    • What the recommendation is for

    • An up-to-date resume

    • Relevant work habits, academic successes, or skills (Take a look at the brag sheet resource!) 

    • Requested due date (if needed) and where to send the recommendation

  • They don't have to say yes. 

    • If you are met with someone who is unable to write you a letter, it's okay! 

      • Tell them thank you regardless

      • Begin to look for other recommenders

Once they've written your letter remember to say thank you! This can be a simple notecard, letter, or email. Just remember to showcase appreciation for this person. 

Letter of Recommendation Resources 


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